Awaiting the disservice of gentle decision

Flat owners in Maradu are really facing a heart broken situation. The Supreme Court’s demolition order is shocker beyond mere wording exercises.  The municipality of Maradu frequently plays merciless beaurocrat tactics towards the residents who were struggling with worries and tension.  In this critical and worst situation the government of Kerala has to find a permanent solution without evacuating the residents.  The Supreme Court’s directive is obviously without study and observes the reality behind the problems. There is no need of demolish the flats, such a heavy concrete demolishing is very dangerous in many aspects.  It’ll create severe environmental impacts.  The residents in the mentioned flats are not convicts.  They don’t have to abandon their flats and go out, but the real convicts are the builders and the Maradu municipal authorities.

They must be punished; the builders and the illegally sanctioned municipal authorities are the convicts. They must be sentenced and the court has to send them to prison.  In fact, this is very painful and we must consider the residents who were confronting mental agony.  Many families in the flats were owned the living spaces through hard   earned money. An approximate 400 families are permanently residing and several residents have taken huge loans, they even don’t know how they repay the loans.  Many were residing in the flats had spent their lifelong earnings to buy the flats.  We must evaluate the situation seeing through humanitarian aspect and undoubted it’s our duty to support the residents. We must extend our love and affection to them.  They deserve absolute humanity, have you ever thought of the panic situation? Where should they go? Is they are refugees to live on the streets? Absolutely not, basically they’re not convicts or illegally occupiers of flats. Who played the dirty game? It’s none other than the builders and the municipal authorities.

They must be sentenced, they truly deserve the prison, and Kerala government has to find an effective remedy.  All those who were cheated the residents in the river bank flats (the builders and municipal authorities) have to be punished.  The builders had given huge bribe and obtained permission to illegal construct the flats in the banks. The builders and the municipal authorities must be punished and send them to prison. A.C Moideen, the minister of local self governments has said the ministry was not yet received the copy of Supreme Court verdict.  He tries to extend relaxation to the flat owners; the children in the flats are getting depressed. They should have to go for counseling and to consult a psychologist. One Supreme Court’s verdict is absolute foolishness; it has to act against the builders and municipal authorities.  The Kerala government should find an immediate solution, there is no justice in the matter of demolition of flats,  the residents in the flats have  occupied the flats through proper way. It’s the suitable time to act, the residents of the Maradu flats have to consider, the humanitarian aspect is inevitable and we must show our mercy, love and affection.

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