Does Relaxation is an Untouchable Phenomenon

The world is at the threshold of 21 century and obviously moves towards ultra modernity. In our society there are many problems related with wealth, health and standard of living. The life became mechanized due to many reasons. No one has any time to find themselves, making money is the first priority. There is no ethics; there are no morals, simply tries to occupy a position of high without preserving the values. The world health organization (WHO) has been defined the physical term health as a condition of not mere physical fitness. WHO indicates a healthy person must be physically fit, mentally fit and of course he or she must be fit for a society.

Here is the relevance of mental health. What’s the real meaning of peace and happiness? Peace means the tranquil stage of mind and happiness depends on peace. Or in other words, to experience happiness you must be a person having peace of mind. Today, the situation is worst and number of persons with psychic disorder is increasing. Real peace and happiness became a mirage, 40% of people in our society are unsatisfied, why? Depression and anxiety neurosis are invading the new generation. They’re not getting proper care and love from their home, their parents pretending to be busy always. Wealth and money making are the ultimate motto, and they always thinking of how to earn much money, how to build a luxury bungalow, how to buy a new car and so on. They’re not finding some time even spend with their children. Many families in our society are not ideal and god fearing. The parents must understand their children, they must find time to spend with them, and they must extend love and care.

The new generation deserves much care and attention, other ways there is chance to go out of control and the youths would move towards unhealthy practices like consuming liquor and drug addiction etc. Friendship is great, but there are two kind of friendship. One is good friendship and the other one is bad friendship. The power of friendship also supports character making, friendship influences an individual to develop his character. The parents have to observe their children; they must understand the friendship of their son or daughter especially in and after adolescent age. The human mind is like the waves in the ocean, often experiences the emotions like happiness, peace, anger, sorrow, hatred and so on. We won’t have to expect absolute relaxation, as we lives in a mechanized world of speed, the stress and tension are common.

Practicing “Self psycho analysis” is good; through the process an individual can obtain self awareness. Yoga and meditation are some of the tools promising mental relaxation. The mentioned practices have the power to control and cease depression, stress and tension. According to the great soul “Lord Budhda”, desire is the cause for all kind of un satisfaction, stress and non relax. It’s a honest finding, those who want real happiness and peace of mind must control the desires, but obviously it’s not sp easier to shield the desires.

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